AAELC returned memo communicating minor concerns/edits

  • Based on the revised announcement  for the Diversity and Equity Manager,the committee  believes that the EEOC should be placed in the newly created division with the Diversity and Equity Manager’s Office.  This will reduce any potential conflicts of interest between the Diversity and Equity Manager, EEOC, and Labor Relations.
  • Per the committee’s discussion it is suggested that the position “shall” have the authority to develop Equity and Diversity policies for the City that are related to City services, programs, and activities to achieve fair and equitable outcomes .
  • Per the committee’s discussion at the meeting with you and the City Manager it was our understanding that the salary and authority would be commensurate to a Director level.
  • Per the committee’s discussion it is suggested that the current language use of “should/could”, be changed to “shall/will”. Without the specific language, it would be difficult to hold the individual in the position accountable.

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