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City Council Recommendations Update on City’s plan to achieve inclusion and diversity in the City’s workforce Pass a motion directing staff to provide an annual report regarding diversity and equity initiatives implemented and providing updated information regarding the city’s workforce composition. Resolution supporting efforts to help close the gender wage gap. Require Diversity and Equity Manager and Independent Budget Analyst… Read more →

AAELC returned memo communicating minor concerns/edits

Based on the revised announcement  for the Diversity and Equity Manager,the committee  believes that the EEOC should be placed in the newly created division with the Diversity and Equity Manager’s Office.  This will reduce any potential conflicts of interest between the Diversity and Equity Manager, EEOC, and Labor Relations. Per the committee’s discussion it is suggested that the position “shall”… Read more →

AAELC group returned memo and draft communicating suggested edits to recruitment flyer to the City Manager and Human Resources Director

Graphics that reflect diversity/inclusiveness A preamble stating City’s commitment to diversity – “A BOLD AND PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY” A national search, a newly created division in the City that will focus on the City’s deliberation in stepping toward advancing racial and social equity in Sacramento. Ethnicity in our community Ethnicity within the City’s workforce Duties and specific responsibilities of the… Read more →

H.R. Director releases draft recruitment flyer for Diversity and Equity Manager position for distribution to interested groups for feedback

AAELC strongly expresses the importance of making a great hire for our new Diversity and Equity Manager position and requested participation in helping to develop a Diversity and Equity Manager  position announcement that would  attract the well-qualified  applicants. Hiring the right person will be crucial in efforts to develop an overall framework for diversity and inclusion within each of our… Read more →


City Council Recommendations for Next Steps Per September 6, 2016 Staff Report Authorize City Manager to add one Full-Time Equivalent Diversity Manager and increase the expense budget to cover costs associated with position ($180,000} Director City Manager to develop a Diversity Inclusion Plan with input of interested community groups, city staff and City Council Continuing using the Budget and Audit… Read more →


Audit Findings Employment Gaps for African Americans: There is a disproportionate number of African Americans in city positions, particularly in public safety Employment Gaps for all Minorities: Racial and gender disparity are also apparent for other minorities, especially Latinos and women. Lack of Diversity in Management: Revealed more profound inequities at the management and executive levels of all minorities and… Read more →