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Sacramento Area Black Owned Food Vendors

Looking for a great Black owned food vendor to support for your Black History Celebration? May we suggest these fine vendors….*

Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant1346 Fulton Ave916-481-1580
Bawk Fried Chicken1409 R St., Suite 102916 376-7531
Beana’s Cafe2251 Florin Rd
Cafe Connection1007 L St
Chulla’s Cafe4845 Watt Ave., Suite A, North Highlands916-333-4851
Classy Hippie Tea Company3226 Broadway, Suite A916-235-3243
Coleman’s Cupcakes, Cakes & Desserts (catering only)916-896-5859
CoLo’s Soul Food & Seafood2326 Del Paso Blvd916-692-8948
D’Miller’s Famous BBQ7305 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael916-974-1881
D’s Smokin Pit1800 Del Paso Blvd., Suite 101916-993-9428
Daddy O’s Smokehouse3581 Matherfield Rd., Rancho Cordova916-821-9020
DubPlate Kitchen & Jamaican Cuisine3419 El Camino Ave.916-339-6978
Family Pizza Take ‘N Bake5901 Watt Ave., North Highlands916-333-3397
Fast Cat Coffee7901 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael916-999-0323
Fixins Soul Kitchen3428 3rd Ave916.999.SOUL
Flowers Fish Market & Restaurant3224 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd916-456-0719
Good Vibes Vegan Herbs & Cafe1006 24th St.916-451-6842
Habesha Restaurant2326 Fair Oaks Blvd916-925-8591
Harry Love BBQ4557 Auburn Blvd916-821-2348
House of Chicken & Ribs3535 Elverta Rd., Antelope916-332-7041
JB’s Lounge & Grill777 Lincoln Village Dr916-366-6667
Liaison Lounge2667 Alta Arden Expy916-487-1040
Louisiana Heaven6623 Valley Hi Dr916-689-4800
Lucci’s Kitchen in A Toucha Class4217 Stockton Blvd916-451-1786
MacQue’s BBQ8101 Elder Creek Rd., Suite O, Sacramento and 8517 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove916-714-2910
Maestro Coffee House2069 Arena Blvd., Suite 130916-692-5134
Mo Betta Finger Food3751 Stockton Blvd916-307-9511
Momo’s Meat Market5780 Broadway916-452-0202
Muhammed’s Meat Vegetables & Desserts5917 Mack Rd415-862-8997
Nash & Proper (food truck)3270 Northgate Blvd916-426-6712
Oak Park Brewing Co.3514 Broadway916-389-0726
Pangea Bier Cafe2743 Franklin Blvd916-454-4942
Peach Oliver’s Kitchen in Shakey J’s Bar & Grill8011 Florin Rd916-661-6750
Q1227 Restaurant1465 Eureka Rd., Suite 100, Roseville916-899-5146
Queen Sheba1704 Broadway
Sandra Dees BBQ (Cater only)601 15th Street916-690-3313
Savvy House Coffee Bar9630 Bruceville Rd #104, Elk Grove, CA 95757916-667-3846
South2005 11th St916-382-9722
Stagecoach Restaurant4365 Florin Rd916-422-9296
Streets Pub & Grub1804 J St916-498-1388
T & R Taste of Texas BBQ3621 Broadway916-739-1669
T & R Taste of Texas BBQ1310 Howe Ave #D916-514-0819 Arden Way916-691-0980
The Buzz Coffee Brewery1121 L St916-278-6377
The Cake Depot8876 Vintage Park Dr #114916-203-1669
Tiferet Coffee House3020 H St916-321-9321
Tori’s Place1525 Grand Ave916-646-6038
Urban Roots Brewery & Smokehouse1322 V St916-706-3741
Willie J’s Burgers & More2010 Club Center Dr916-285-9379
*Please note, the list above is for informational purposes only. AAELC is not affiliated with any vendor listed nor have we received any benefit from including any vendor on this list.

Safe Space Discussion Resources

Thank you to everyone that participated in our 2020 Safe Space Discussions this month.

While we realize that all of the hurt and trauma caused by centuries of racial injustice cannot be healed by just 90 minutes of talking, we hope that these safe space discussions at the very least provided some comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  AAELC is here with you, crying, praying, and fighting for a better day.

Also, we want to send many thanks to our facilitator and City alum, Dafna Gauthier. We encourage you to check out her website and social media platforms for additional tips and resources (, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

And, here are some additional resources that were mentioned during the sessions:


City Council Recommendations

  • Update on City’s plan to achieve inclusion and diversity in the City’s workforce
  • Pass a motion directing staff to provide an annual report regarding diversity and equity initiatives implemented and providing updated information regarding the city’s workforce composition.
  • Resolution supporting efforts to help close the gender wage gap.
  • Require Diversity and Equity Manager and Independent Budget Analyst to product an annual report on gender composition and outline any pay equity initiatives undertaken by the city of Sacramento.
  • Identify and commit to implementing recommended best practices identified to close the gender wage gap. The City Council Resolves as follows:

The City of Sacramento supports gender equity initiatives to help close the gender wage gap through the following actions:

Section 1:

The City of Sacramento supports gender equity initiatives to help close the gender wage gap through the following actions:

  1. Identify gender equity issues,collect data internally and understand the root causes of inequity within the organization.
  2. Identify gender equity issues, collect data internally and understand the root causes of inequity within the organization;
  3. Implement best-practice solutions and monitor progress;
  4. Share best practices and success with other organizations;

Section 2:

The City of Sacramento, through the Diversity and Equity Manager and the Independent Budget Analyst, with input from the City of Sacramento Women’s Leadership Group, will work collaboratively to produce an annual report on gender composition and outline pay equity  initiatives undertaken  by the City of Sacramento.

Section 3:

The City of Sacramento will identify and commit to implementing recommended best practices identified to close the gender wage gap including but not limited to;

  1. Providing mentorship and networking opportunities
  2. Requiring training to acknowledge and overcome implicit bias
  3. Examining local paid family leave policies
  4. Creating and generating awareness of programs that confer employee schedule control, including flex programs
  5. Mentoring women for leadership positions
  6. Providing structural support to move women up the organizational pipeline

Councilmember Ashby owned and presented the gender wage gap  item.

Mayor Steinberg appointed Vice Mayor Jennings lead on Diversity and Equity requested that Ashby and Jennings work together to consolidate the issues.

Mayor Steinberg also  suggested:

  • Looking into child care issues
  • Diversity in Small Business Contracting

Vice Mayor has made a commitment to work with the Human Resources Manager to bring back a staff report that will include thoughtful and proactive actions related to:

  • Policy considerations
  • Economic impact
  • Rationale for the recommendations
  • Resolution for diversity and equity

Councilmember Carr is working on policy considerations for council

Vice Mayor Jennings

  • Request Quarterly reports before the budget and Audit committee
  • Request full-year report at the end of the year.

Eric Guerra

  • the development of a hiring manual with uniform guidelines.
  • importance of the composition of interview panels (no diversity creates barriers to who gets hired or promoted)

AAELC Recommendations for upcoming staff report

  • Address the findings/issues that were not included in the initial resolution (?)
  • Follow up audit with quarterly or annual follow up standards
  • Develop uniform, documented processes citywide for promotions and hiring (screenings,interviews, etc. for civil service, exempt employees) with realistic implementation timeline.
  • Equity as it impacts African Americans and people of color, with special emphasis on African American women o Diversification in contracting,procurement, boards and commissions, exempt management and other appointments

Human Resources Department has completed the following in hopes of mitigating employment discrimination.

  • City implemented a current, comprehensive Equal Opportunity Policy which:
    • Updates the protected group categories
    • Considers any reports of discrimination, harassment, retaliation to be investigated
    • Emphasizes discipline even if no violation of law, but rather a violation of policy
    • Mandates new hires to be trained on harassment and discrimination
    • Provides more examples of potential violations
  • Provide in person discrimination and harassment training to all employees, not just supervisors and elected officials pursuant AB 1825 or AB 1661.
  • Provided team building workshops to divisions and groups who have experienced workplace issues, such as communications and interpersonal relations problems.
  • Take immediate steps to conduct a neutral investigation to determine if there is a violation of the city’s Equal Opportunity Policy, upon receiving an allegation – whether or not a formal EEO complaint form has been completed by the complainant and given to Civil Rights.
  • Revised the City’s internal EEO complaint form to update the current sixteen (16) protected group categories in order for employees to identify which classes are protected under the policy as well as state and federal law.
  • The former formal complaint form only listed the following six (6): “race, color, sex, religion, national origin, and physical handicap”.
  • Office of Civil Rights is being more proactive in referring non-EEO issues to Labor Relations for immediate appropriate action, such as starting an inquiry then taking formal or informal disciplinary action if needed.
  • Developing tools, resources and processes that will enable the City to recruit, hire and retain a workforce that reflects our community as it continues to change.
  • Revamping the entire recruitment process which includes screening applications on qualifications only and not demographic information and training.
  • Improved customer service which includes bilingual staff.
  • Hiring of a consultant firm to review all City job specifications, City organizational structure, create citywide classification plan, rewrite of all testing materials by a consulting firm to eliminate bias in the examination process.
  • Increase community awareness of openings in the City through online advertisers, community organizations, job fairs, and community outreach events.
  • Sharing calendar of events to community stakeholder groups.
  • Trainings, employment engagement focus groups


Vice Mayor Jennings is coordinating with Councilmember Carr, Eric Guerra and Melissa Chaney, Human Resources Manager, the preparation of a staff report. The report will include:

  1. Affirmation of City’s Commitment to Diversity and Equity and City’s intent to implement Diversity and Equity Initiatives as a means to strengthen Diversity and Equity in the City and in contracting, procurement, boards and commissions, exempt management and all other appointments.
  2. Policy outlining actions to be taken to achieve inclusion and Diversity in the City’s workforce, i.e.
  3. Directing the Diversity and Equity Manager and IBA to provide quarterly reports to the budget and Audit Committee and an annual report to the City Council regarding outcomes of diversity and equity initiatives implemented, and updated information regarding the City’s workforce composition.

AAELC returned memo communicating minor concerns/edits

  • Based on the revised announcement  for the Diversity and Equity Manager,the committee  believes that the EEOC should be placed in the newly created division with the Diversity and Equity Manager’s Office.  This will reduce any potential conflicts of interest between the Diversity and Equity Manager, EEOC, and Labor Relations.
  • Per the committee’s discussion it is suggested that the position “shall” have the authority to develop Equity and Diversity policies for the City that are related to City services, programs, and activities to achieve fair and equitable outcomes .
  • Per the committee’s discussion at the meeting with you and the City Manager it was our understanding that the salary and authority would be commensurate to a Director level.
  • Per the committee’s discussion it is suggested that the current language use of “should/could”, be changed to “shall/will”. Without the specific language, it would be difficult to hold the individual in the position accountable.

AAELC group returned memo and draft communicating suggested edits to recruitment flyer to the City Manager and Human Resources Director

  1. Graphics that reflect diversity/inclusiveness
  2. A preamble stating City’s commitment to diversity – “A BOLD AND PROGRESSIVE LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITY”
  3. A national search, a newly created division in the City that will focus on the City’s deliberation in stepping toward advancing racial and social equity in Sacramento.
  4. Ethnicity in our community
  5. Ethnicity within the City’s workforce
  6. Duties and specific responsibilities of the Diversity Manager

H.R. Director releases draft recruitment flyer for Diversity and Equity Manager position for distribution to interested groups for feedback

AAELC strongly expresses the importance of making a great hire for our new Diversity and Equity Manager position and requested participation in helping to develop a Diversity and Equity Manager  position announcement that would  attract the well-qualified  applicants.

  • Hiring the right person will be crucial in efforts to develop an overall framework for diversity and inclusion within each of our City Departments.
  • Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Plan that focuses on fairness in hiring and compensation, improving employee skills,fairness in procurement and contracting and equity in our City Boards and Commissions