City Action Taken in 2016

As a result of the feedback provided at the African American meetings,the City Council and Budget and Audit Committee  took the following actions:

  • 4/27 Mayor and Council commit to taking action on diversity and inclusion
  • 5/10 Mayor Pro-Tern Carr (Council) directed City Auditor, with assistance from independent Budget Analyst, to conduct assessment of the diversity of City of Sacramento employees compared to demographics of Sacramento residents.
  • 5/17 Councilmember Warren asks Auditor to emphasize Police Department and $1M diversity expense 6/9 Budget and Audit Committee reviews preliminary audit data
  • 7/19 Budget  and Audit Committee  reviews final audit and key findings
  • 8/4 Council receives final audit and requests City Manager to develop recommendations
  • 9/6 Mayor and City Manager (Director of Human Resources) presents recommendations

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