City Council Recommendations for Next Steps Per September 6, 2016 Staff Report

  • Authorize City Manager to add one Full-Time Equivalent Diversity Manager and increase the expense budget to cover costs associated with position ($180,000}
  • Director City Manager to develop a Diversity Inclusion Plan with input of interested community groups, city staff and City Council
  • Continuing using the Budget and Audit Committee to monitor and assess all diversity and equity issues.
  • A Report Card presented by Councilmember Angelique Ashby to the City Council concerning Gender Parity in the City of Sacramento
  1. Hire a Diversity Manager
  2. Develop an overall framework for diversity and Inclusion in all City departments.
  3. Direct the City Manager to work with the Council,City Staff and the community to develop a Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan that includes:
    • Fairness in hiring and compensation (hiring,promotions,and attrition)
    • Improving city employee’s skills (mentorship, training,and discipline)
    • Fairness in procurement and contracting (utilize minority and female small businesses that have inclusive workforce representation.
    • Equity in boards and commissions (creating inclusive public forums that reflect City demographics)
  4. Utilize the Budget and Audit Committee as the lead to continue monitoring diversity issues.
    • Establish clear goals,benchmarks and timelines in Diversity and Inclusion Plan.
    • Encourage ongoing participation from City staff and community groups
    • Utilize Council Workshops as needed to engage full council.

Potential Opportunity Areas for inclusion in the City’s adopted Diversity and Inclusion Plan:

  • Managing Unconscious Bias
  • Ensuring Diversity on Hiring Panels
  • Refining Job Descriptions
  • Increasing Advertising of Employment Opportunities
  • Improving Recruitment Flyers
  • Enhancing the city’s Website Branding
  • Improving Recruitment Testing
  • Establishing Restorative Processes
  • Expanding City Staff Training
  • Enhancing Employee Input
  • Developing School Pipeline/Outreach Programs
  • Providing Internships and Expanded Volunteer Programs
  • Improving Promotional Opportunities
  • Increasing the Amount of City Employment Workshops
  • Promoting the City of Sacramento
  • Monitoring the Progress of the City’s Diversity Efforts Annually

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